Your data is your greatest asset

We help maximise the value of your data by managing your technology, privacy and security risks and compliance obligations.  To best exploit your data you need the right partner and the best available deal.  Ringrose Siganto will help you get there.

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Getting the deal done

Whether you’re buying, selling or partnering, our years of experience in closing complicated high value transactions will help you achieve your commercial objectives and manage risk.  We work with our clients to identify the legal and commercial issues which really matter, saving them time and money.  With Ringrose Siganto on your side, you can take on sophisticated counterparties with confidence.

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IHL: In-house Lawyer Support

If you’re embarking on a big project or need cover when your company’s lawyer is absent, our IHL service is the answer.

We offer flexible in-house solutions at competitive daily or weekly rates.

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Mandatory Data Breach Notification in Australia is coming ....

New Australian data breach notification laws become effective in February 2018.  Are you prepared? Check out how we can help …

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Co-creation and knowledge sharing

We don’t believe in old school ‘one size fits all’ training.  Yes, we can hold a seminar but we’d rather your staff were engaged with the process.  We work with you to develop bespoke programs that build on your unique business perspective and your people’s experience.  Ringrose Siganto believes collaborating gets better results than lecturing.  If your people help identify the knowledge they need to work together and to cooperate when problem solving, experience tells us you’ll have a happier and more effective team.

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IT, Telecommunications & Commercial

Negotiating and concluding agreements, helping in Managing risk and achieving commercial obligations.

Privacy & Data Protection

Reviewing your privacy policy, undertaking a Privacy Impact Assessment or responding a data breach.


Security & Compliance

Advising on legal security obligations, reviewing your security posture, undertaking security assessments.

For Co-creation and knowledge sharing around security, privacy and awareness…

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